Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eye Candy

I have a new camera... and lots of new photos to share! :) This is my first summer at home with the kids and being completely FREE, no daycare business and no work other than the things I sell online. I won't lie- it's been wonderful! It took me awhile to adjust to being at home and I am really amazed at how busy we have been- how does any mom have time to work a full time job and be a mom and wife at the same time?!

This zebra shirt is made using a bandanna- and it was surprisingly fast and easy to make! Every little girl should have one...

I am working on a new project and will be revealing it soon, I must say it feels good- and its going to LOOK good too :) It will have lots of attitude and sparkle, but for now here is a bit of eye candy from the past few months!

Little miss patriotic... although she is quite bratty. I have to work extremely hard to get her to pose for photos for me, the process often involves bribery and if she doesn't fall for that then I resort to threats. When the threats don't work... I tickle her and try to get her to tell me the colors of whatever object I can wave above my head and then I snap photos that look like the one above! This entire process usually occurs in my front yard. I live on a busy street. I think the neighbors might think I am a little crazy :)

Uh huh. Theres some of that attitude I was just telling you about...

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Cherry Limeade Custom Baby Shower

When it comes to throwing showers (of any kind), I just can't help myself. No matter how simple it is supposed to be... the wheels in my mind keep spinning and before I know it I have a mile-long list of ideas for custom decorations, handmade treats, and coordinating accessories! This shower evolved from a "cherry jubilee" to a "cherry limeade" theme during a trip to Wal-Mart... and as soon as the idea hit me- I knew it was going to be perfect!


Most of the party supplies came from Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, and Michael's. The wooden crate for silverware was from Hobby Lobby and I painted it with acrylic paint. All of the miniature chalkboards were also painted by me- which did take a little extra time, but in the end I was able to create unique decorations that perfectly matched the shower for under $5 a piece. I had considered adding extra cherry die cuts around the borders of the chalk boards but decided that they looked good with a simple coat of paint.


I used some fabric from Hobby Lobby to tie around the silverware and added a cute bow to the wooden crate with some cherry fabric from Michael's.


No generic punch here- of course a cherry limeade themed shower should have cherry limeade! I made this myself using a cherry limeade Sam's Choice brand mix (it was by the Crystal Light) except I mixed it up with 7up instead of water, then I added lime wedges and some maraschino cherries. I put extra limes and cherries in a bowl so that we could feel fancy and top our drinks with them! The kids enjoyed these too!


I have to say... these chalkboard tags are like the find-of-the-year for me, they turned out so stinkin' cute! Of course, me being an adult who still <3's to color with chalk miiiiiight have just a liiiitle bit to do with that ;)

I tied lots of little bits of ribbon around these jars and filled 'em with candy that came in colors that matched my theme. I am an over-achiever like that. And yes, I spent about an hour in the candy aisle at Target trying to decide which candy would be the best. And yes, these jars are now sitting on my kitchen counter because they are too cute to put away.


Ahhhhh.... the cupcakes.....

Please honor this moment of silence and drool over the pure cuteness before thee.

Ya'll may have read my posts about my dear friend Carrie before... or you may not have, whatever the case- she loves cupcakes. She calls them cuppiecakes. And she makes them a lot- any reason is a good reason to have cuppiecakes!

If you know Carrie, you will never throw her a shower that has cake without cupcakes. It would not be proper :)


Thank you Annie's Eats for the awesome cherry limeade cuppiecakes recipe :) I stayed up until 3 am making these little beauties and it was worth it!



This was our "welcome" table. The green polka dot "tablecloth" is actually just more fabric from Hobby Lobby. The little bags next to my super duper cool chalkboard sign are a couple of the goody bags I used for party favors. I created the labels using a digi scrapbooking kit and filled them with paper shreds and a Ghiradelli chocolate.


The second part of our party favors were daisy topped pens. I have always thought these darn things are so cute, so I have nooooooo clue why I never made them before! It was so easy... I made extras so that I can be super dorky and make all of my to-do lists with a flower pen now.


This picnic basket actually came from my attic! It was here when we moved in, all it needed was a little cleaning! I lined the inside with more Hobby Lobby fabric and filled it with flower pens and envelopes for thank you notes.




Diaper cake time!!!


This diaper cake is a little different than my normal ones because it actually had clothes on it. Carrie already has a lot of my handmade hairbows and some that she made herself, so I decorated the layers of the diaper cake using ribbons, fabric, and some mesh ribbony stuff (thats the technical term for it...).




Congratulations Carrie and thank you for letting me throw you a fancy schmancy custom baby shower :)

The beautiful and fun mommy! Of course we had to make her pose with a cuppiecake!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Think Spring...

All too often, scrapbookers keep their craft tucked away in albums- but not me! I want to have my art all over the house! This is a canvas I created for Katelynne's bedroom using Cosmo Cricket papers and chipboard and various other craft supplies.
It took me quite awhile to find the perfect quote for this canvas, I wanted something about flowers and happiness- because... well, flowers make me happy! I began by painting the background on the canvas blue and adding a few touches of stamped flowers and butterflies for dimension.
I used several different paper flower techniques to create these little beauties, I like the combination it creates. The stems are made of green ribbon and I cut the leaves freehand from green cardstock before folding and inking them.

Here's to spring and flowers on my front porch! Make something sunny and hang spring on your wall :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Advocate THIS...

To all the nurses, doctors, and more recently- secretaries, who have in some way contributed to the health issues my son has dealt with, I am waving a middle finger salute at you!
I have written a lot about Lucas' past surgeries and other health concerns; there are many scrapbook pages and journal pages that I simply cannot share on my blog because they are so very personal and represent very strong emotions that I am not sure will ever get any easier to deal with when it comes to my baby boy. This particular post may seem a little angry, or outright accusatory- after all, it is these very doctors and nurses that I am complaining about to whom I should be thankful for all that they have done for Lucas. So here is my disclaimer: YES I acknowledge the fact that ya'll saved Lucas' life as an infant and you have done great things for him. Now I am going to commence a major bitching session about you and healthcare in general and I am going to say a lot of things that many other parents have felt as they watched their infant or child go through surgeries or recieve devastating diagnosis after diagnosis with no real answers- if you don't want to hear it, please go back to spying on your facebook friends.

To the nurses and pediatrician who failed to identify Lucas' imperforate anus before he went home from the hospital (it was most definitely visible had you actually looked at his bottom), you suck! I will never, ever stop asking myself how life would have been different if this had been recognized before we took our baby home from the hospital. His colon wouldn't have ruptured, he wouldn't have had to be on life support for the first 3 weeks of his life- what if we hadn't taken him to the ER that third night at home when we simply thought he was "breathing funny"? My son suffered unimaginable pain and multiple surgeries because you were too busy to do your job right, and every single day I carry a doubt in my mind that perhaps it is all my fault, that somehow I should have been able to see that something was not right. Being that I had not (at that time) spent any time at all examining what a newborn's anus is supposed to look like, I guess I shouldn't feel that way. So, here's to the healthcare professionals responsible for my eternal "what if" questions that I can never answer, your own personal middle finger salute!
To the pediatric surgeon who saved Lucas, you did a miraculous surgery on a less than 5 pound infant, you are an amazing person! Follow through after that surgery? Not as great. You have so many patients that I had to recite his medical history almost every time we came to your office. At three years old my son could barely talk and was having potty training issues and your only suggestion to me was to come back when his speech improved and that he had "normal bowel function". Excuse me Dr. Amazing, but sh*tting your pants and not knowing how it happened is not normal bowel function. I would like to inform you that thanks to a simple facebook search I found a support group of parents with children who had the same health issues as Lucas- and guess what?! Almost all of those kids have been to gastroenterologists to treat their diminished bowel function, almost every single parent of a child who had a colostomy as an infant said that their child faced bowel incontinence issues. Dr. Amazing, you have a lot of time-outs, groundings, and poopy underwear to clean because these are the punishments we gave our son when we believed that his accidents were a behavioral problem because of what you told us. Here is your own personal middle finger salute!

To Dr. Amazing's secretary, I have really, really enjoyed this two month run-around with you, but honestly- I am out of breath. And patience. It would be sooooooo freakin' awesome to actually get Lucas an appointment with that gastroenterologist I found out he needed to see through facebook (thank you Dr. Amazing), but I can't seem to get an appointment because they need a copy of his medical records. That you were supposed to give me. Two months ago. I know it must suck that Dr. Amazing moved his practice to Texas and left you behind, but seriously get me the damn records. Of all the sh*t I have to advocate for, getting my sons medical records should not be one of them, enjoy your middle finger slaute ma'am!

Six years ago, a doctor told me that my son would most likely live a normal life and that after a few more surgeries life would go back to normal. For the most part it has, and I am very thankful for that. It still amazes me today that I still have to advocate for my son to get the medical care and attention he needs. Because of a simple medical error and healthcare professionals who were too busy to recognize a birth defect, I will always blame myself for each and every scar Lucas has. His scars have become my scars, they aren't visible on my body but rather on my heart. This post is for every parent who has ever felt let down by a nurse, doctor, or other healthcare professional. I'm not sure when it gets easier, but somehow a little bitch fest every now and then helps, thanks for listening!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pretties for my Pretty

Katelynne is finally starting to happily try on some of my tutus and hairbows for photos- for the longest time she didn't want anything to do with them! She was making silly kitty faces but I'm not going to be too picky- at least she wasn't putting up a fight!

Today the weather got into the 70's so we had a good time outside in the sunshine taking photos of bright and cheery frou-frou!

I decided to make another rainbow tutu- one that wasn't "Knotty". I really like the results- I slipped in a few pieces of glitter tulle here and there also which added a nice bit of sparkle.

I don't know why on earth I hadn't made a rainbow hairbow before- but I must say that I L.O.V.E. the results! I am always amazed at how pleasing to the eye it is when these colors are combined in the ROY G BIV order, I can't get enough of it! This bow is a monster by the way- I chose this photo because you can see it is as big as my whole hand!
So many people think "green" for St. Patrick's day, but I have got to say- I think that a fluffy rainbow tutu really says "lucky" when you look at it. After all, the pot of gold is supposed to be at the end of the rainbow...

A peek at all the goodies we made this week, I am really excited about these butterfly clips, they are so cute and can be clipped on anything- not just headbands! I clipped a few of them on the tutu below and I think they would also be perfect for a scrapbook page.

I am still trying to focus on making things for myself and my family, so I am keeping most of these bows or giving them as gifts. There must be something in the water here because almost every single one of my friends are pregnant and they are having girls! I am going to list a few of these items in my Etsy shop as well, so if you are looking for a treat for your own little spring beauty come take a look!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spiffy Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies

There's a good reason why I named my blog "Decorative Memories"- pretty much everything I make, I want to make it fancy or extra-special in some way. This desire spills over into my baking as you can see :)

If it were a perfect world.... I would make fancy cookies for every holiday, but alas- 'tis an imperfect world and not everyone gets to have beautiful cookies!
I need to mention that the last time I attempted to make "spiffy" sugar cookies (with my bestest friend Carrie of course!) we had to make our husbands eat the evidence- it was that bad! This time around I told Carrie, "It's just hearts how hard could it be to make them look cute?!", To which she told me "don't speak too soon". I suppose she's right, the snowflake cookies we attempted to decorate last year looked pretty bad!

Why did I make butterfly shaped cookies for Valentine's Day? Because this my kitchen. And I can. Or maybe because butterflies and hearts make my little fantasy world of awesome cookies a little bit happier?!

This poor butterfly broke her wing and was therefore deemed to be a defective cookie. I was forced to eat her in order to put her out of her misery- forced I tell you! It was the right thing to do!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow 'n Rainbows

Ahhh... a nice snow day stuck in the house. Okay actually it's not all that nice because we still have to roll out of bed (after a fifteen minute pep talk to myself LOL) every morning in a cold house and trudge out into the snow to take Lucas to school in the morning. Seriously- snow was Soooo-ooo-ooo much more fun when I was kid because I didn't have to clean up the snow all over the floor, acknowledge the whiny complaints of freezing fingers and toes after playing out in the snow, and decline approximately 1,000 requests to go play in the snow some more!

I definitely did have a smile on my face in the morning when the kids woke up and I knew that they had not looked out the windows yet and that I possessed the sweet pleasure of telling them "Guess what?! It snowed last night while you were sleeping!" I could have sworn there were a lot more than two children in this house the minute they began the chorus of "SNOW! snow, snow snow! IT'S SNOW!"
One of the most romantic memories I have of all the things my husband and I have ever done together- revolves around snow and a midnight walk around the neighborhood. It was one of those nights when the snowflakes were so big that they looked like white feathers floating to the ground. I was pregnant with our first child at the time, so it was no big deal to get out in the freezing weather and the middle of the night for a "walk around the block".
If you have never been for a walk in the middle of a snowy night, stash away the idea for a future time because it is a unique experience of complete silence and you will actually witness the beauty of nature colliding with humanity to create a scene that can only be absorbed and enjoyed when most of your neighborhood is at home- in bed.

So, enough about snow! I am sure that by now you must be wondering why on earth I have photos of a rainbow tutu here while I am reminiscing about snowflakes!
I had an order come in this week for a rainbow tutu for a special little girl's birthday outfit. I couldn't have picked a better project for today. The bright colors that perfectly fade from one to the next- with a fluffy white layer underneath representing the "clouds" around the rainbow simply remind me of spring and warm sunny days spent taking care of my flower beds. This tutu is the perfect project for a snowy day inside, I can't wait to get started :)

Click on any one of these photos to view this tutu in my Etsy shop!