Thursday, September 4, 2008

Photo Frame

I'm playing a little catch up with blog posts, so I hope you all enjoy :)

Here's a project I made a few weeks ago, it is made usinig a photo frame- remove the back and then take a piece of glass from another frame (cheapest you can find!) that is the same size, and add photos and paper to the glass. I then glued both pieces of glass to the frame (sandwiching the photo and paper between the glass pieces). My most favorite part of the project was adding the embellishments and rub ons to the FRONT of the glass! This is displayed on my built-in shelf in my dining room.
And some eye candy in the form of Katelynne, I absolutely cannot resist sharing these photos because they are SO DARN CUTE! This is the first time she has had her hair in a pony too!


Kris said...

Your photo frame is such a cute idea. That would make a great gift!!

SandieShores said...

Fantastic, I love altering frames. Such a sweet picture too :)

Jemma said...

How do you even begin to get anything done, when you could be spending time with that cutie!!!!????