Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fifth Avenue Mini Book

I created this little number and listed it on Ebay last night! I have been so busy actually making things for myself that I haven't sold anything for quite some time. I still have a Berry Sweet gift bag album about halfway done- will finish it some day...

I really like making these mini books- they are fairly quick to create and PERFECT and I do mean perfect as a gift, and they would fit nicely in a diaper bag/ purse for sharing in the middle of the grocery store when you run into an aunt or friend you don't get to see very often :)


Kris said...

Krista, it is wonderful that you have been keeping yourself busy making things for yourself. That is what is most important!

This mini book is gorgeous. Those colors together are one of my most favorite combinations. Thanks for sharing!

Jemma said...

Love this mini, its so cute LOVE the colours love everything about it!