Thursday, October 9, 2008

Surgery Tomorrow & Some Projects

My little boy is getting big! These photos are from his first day of school. Tomorrow, well actually in about 5 hours from now- we'll be headed to St. Francis children's hospital in Tulsa, Ok for him to have his 6th and hopefully final surgery. It is an outpatient procedure so it's not going to be anything like some of the surgeries he has been through- but this mommy is still worried of course! At his last check up with the pediatric surgeon (Dr. Richard Rainne- THE BEST!) I mentioned that the pediatrician was worried that his right testicle which had previously been operated on for being undescended was not there. He believes that something happened after the surgery and the testicle is yet again not where it is supposed to be. It worries me more that this surgery is not just an orchiopexy, but also an "exploration", I am sure that it will be OK, just I don't like that the word exploration could mean that there is something there that is "unknown" ya know what I mean?

I still remember three years ago at this time I was changing colostomy bags. I can't even imagine what it must have felt like for him to have gone through these surgeries, I have never been to the hospital except for delivering my babies- and yet I'd rather go through labor a hundred times than hold my baby down to have a nurse attempt to put an IV into his neck, arm, ankle, and at last scalp. One of the hardest things about having a young child go through surgeries is that you can't even begin to explain to them WHY they have to do this, WHY they have to feel the pain they will feel, and WHY you can't protect them from it.

Lucas is one tough guy, he doesn't cry when he falls down- just asks for a band aid because he thinks they look cool ;)

This is definitely the longest post I've ever made on my blog- hope it wasn't too boring :) I've scrapbooked about all of Lucas' surgeries and they all have a LOT of journaling, so someday when he asks where the big scars on his belly came from I can tell him all about it!

So- I've got the bags packed with toys, crayons, markers, coloring books, story books, baby toys, snacks, magazines, changes of clothes and blankets- because I know my brain won't be functioning at 4 am!

Here's some more scrappy goodies to share:

I found the step by step instructions for this SUPER CUTE halloween sign HERE , LOVE this blog :) And I love my sign too! Can you believe it all started with a piece off of a cardboard box?! I took my sign one step up from the tutorial and I added green and purple stickles to the cardboard- and a small big of green paint. Love the effect! It was actually Lucas' idea too- he saw me painting and wanted to do it too and he grabbed a bottle of stickles- it turned out realllllly cute, plus I LOVE bling!

AND- the PFOP charity auction is LIVE!

CLICK HERE and please- if you have an ebay account just add it to your watch list, even if you can't bid this will help get us into the Ebay Pulse so that we can raise a nice chunk of change for the Susan G. Komen foundation! Here's the finished tin which I made, then all the ladies of the team sent me their recipe cards to fill it up!
And here's the recipe cards I made for the tin- I have got to admit- these cards were a LOT of fun to make! I might just have to make more for myself!
Thanks for reading my super long post today :) I appreciate your prayers and thoughts for big boy Lucas tomorrow, I'll post how things went as soon as I am able- and share some photos.


Sandra said...

Hi Krista!! I'm praying for your son. I know God's hand is over him as he has his surgery. I also pray for your peace. It certainly is hard (that is an understatement), to watch our children suffer like that. I pray that the explorations find nothing but good news. Blessings!

P.S. Beautiful (er...i mean scary ;)) sign you made there. That's totally awesome!

krista said...

please know that i am praying for your family and sweet little Lucas. My friend's little boy had that very thing and I can remember how scared she felt. It so awful when something is wrong with our little ones-please keep updating on how things are going and I will keep praying. I love your Halloween sign-very festive and creative.

Kris said...

Krista, your "growing up" page is super cute!! Love those colors together, and your son is a doll.

Jemma said...

That really breaks my heart, he is so cute and so young!!! im so glad everything went ok though! fingers crossed he wont need any more surgery hugs x