Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby Shower

So one of my excuses for not posting for awhile was a baby shower- for one of my best friends! The dad is my husbands best friend from school and I have loved Carrie ever since he first brought her to town after meeting her at college. I knew I wanted to throw her a baby shower ever since I found out they were expecting! Oh yes and to make it even more special- you might remember my post a few months ago about the baby shower I threw for my friend Ashley- well guess what? Corey is her brother! That's right, they are going to have babies 3 months apart, how cool is that?

Here's the photos I took of them and the belly pics! I think they turned out really good, I just wish I could buy that Cannon Rebel I've been eyeing!

The lighting was a little bright in this one- and it was hard to get Corey to get a serious smile on his face, good thing Carrie looks cute enough for the both of them lol!

And here's the money shot- the belly and the fancy wedding ring all together :)

We all loved this pic because of the shadow of her belly, you can't really tell how big her baby bump is but her shadow gives it away.

Baby shower game prizes!

And now for the baby shower! We had it at the Sirloin Stockade here in town during the saturday breakfast buffet.

<---- If they were having twins they might have enough babies for all their stuff!

A glimpse of the table as guests walked in- Carrie made the scrapbook with her preggie pics and ultrasound photos. I ordered the princess rubber duckies from oriental trading- they were too cute! I saved one of them for Katelynne!

Here's the cake and cupcakes I decorated for the shower- and yes the cake says "Woot! It's a girl!" If you didn't know- Woot is the webster's word of the year and one of Carrie's favorite expressions, I just had to use it. And for anyone who didn't know- yes I do like to decorate cakes! I loved doing the pink and brown flourishes and flowers on this one, I even decorated it while babysitting- quite a feat if I do say so myself!

A close up of the diaper cake I made for them! I used mostly size 2 diapers so they wouldn't have to take it apart right away. I really enjoy making these diaper cakes and have a feeling that that will be my gift of choice whenever I am invited to a baby shower! The middle of the cake has a large bottle of baby powder in it too.

And last but not least- another table decoration I made for the tables, they are little pink pails (also from Oriental Trading) and I put the preggie pics onto candy sticks and tied little bows, there is sticky putty in the bottom to help hold them up. I made 6 of these, each with different photos.


Kristi M. said...

I had to enlarge the picture of the cake to see the detail and you did a really great job! You are so incredibly talented!

Zoe said...

OMG Krista!!! If I ever have another baby (not tha I think that will happen!!) Your throwing me a shower! ;-) Beautiful work and great pictures

krista said...

oh my-you are one creative girl Krista!!!!

Kris said...

Super cute cake and table decorations!

Sandra said...

Holy Whirl, that diaper cake is totally amazing!!

Phoebe said...

I love diaper cakes!

You are incredibly talented..I love your pages! I'm sad to say, that although I love to scrapbook and it is one of my fav hobbies...I've not done it in atleast 6 months! Shame on me!

I think that after looking at your awesomeness..that I just may have to dig it all back out!

btw..thanks for stopping by my blog!