Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A little reminiscing

Today I was thinking about how I needed to do some scrapping, I haven't been up to my poor abandoned scrap room for over a week! Then I started to think about "what was I doing at this time last year? What did my projects look like?" SO ... I conveniently still have the photos on my computer!! At this time last year I was avidly selling premade things on Ebay, and making nothing for myself! I must say, the things are awefully cute, but they'd be cuter with pictures of my cuties on them ;)

I did, however, create ONE page for myself at this time last year, in fact I took photos of this page exactly one year ago from today:

So, I hope my reminiscing was at least a little bit inspiring to you ;) I'm hoping to bake some goodies tonight plus I got some pictures of Lucas playing in the snow before preschool today, so hopefully there will be some more recent artwork to share soon!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

He's Makin' a List

Here's my layouts I wanted to share today- I made them using the November Life Preserver's club kit, this paper line is adorable! These are photos from Thanksgiving two years ago.
But- what I wanted to write about today has absolutely nothing to do with my layouts I wanted to share today :)
Today it seems like everything is hitting me- my family Christmas dinner that I am hosting at my house is five days away, Christmas is next week, and soon it's all going to be over! This time of year everyone is busy with many different things, everyone knows that, but today I've just been feeling a bit smothered by everything I haven't gotten done and the realization of the things I am NOT going to get done. I'm just a little bit OCD when it comes to keeping organized and keeping my house clean, so this really bothers me! I have grocery lists for my sunday dinner and all the things I am making for other family dinners, lists of presents I've bought, lists of presents TO buy, lists of things around the house I wanted to get done, lists of chores & errands that have been put on hold. Right now I'm thinking "I wish I was Santa, at least he only has to make ONE list!"
Right here, right now I am going to make one more list. This one is a stress free happy list- it's all the things I have accomplished this holiday season, there's no point in stressing over what needs to be done or isn't going to get done. So here goes!
1. Our Christmas tree is up and decorated, and we put up lights outside our house too!
2. I have bought all the supplies for the handmade gifts I am making
3. I have already planned and bought supplies for some pretty cool Christmas crafts for the daycare kids to make
4. I have planned what we are all going to wear on Christmas (it was quite a task finding the perfect Christmas dress for Katelynne's first Christmas!)
5. I have planned what I'll be cooking for my family this Sunday.
6. I scrapbooked some great photos from past Christmases and shared them here!
7. I've got everything ready to wrap presents
Here's to looking on the bright side!- I challenge you to do the same, if you're Christmas to do's are weighing you down just take a moment to be in the here and now and cherish your accomplishments and your family!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Today's layout I wanted to share is about Lucas' recent surgery. I remember writing about how much I loved the picture on the bottom of this page, it's one of those that really is worth a thousand words. Just by looking at it it reminds me of what I was feeling that day in that moment and how Lucas was after coming out of surgery. I can even remember the smell of the hospital. I created this page for a guest designer position at Backporch Memories, but it really became one of my favorite layouts that tells a special story. My journaling is really meaningful to me and I felt like I really wrote what I wanted to say and something that will be meaningful to Lucas too.
Today I am feeling anxious because tomorrow I will get to find out if I have been chosen for a few guest design team/ design team positions that I have applied for!
But on a happy note- I have been invited to join the We Kit U Not blog as a full time design team member! I really really like the idea behind this blog- inspiring scrappers to USE their monthly kits they have purchased! I think monthly kits are so much fun- getting a box of fully coordinated scrap goodness in the mail along with a website that has lots of ideas of what to do with it- and lots of ladies to chat with too! Well- at Kit U Not they have several of the most popular kit of the month clubs all TOGETHER making it even easier to get some great inspiration. I am going to be representing the Life Preserver's Kit Club, which I have been purchasing monthly kits from for over a year now. The layout I shared here today was in fact made from their November kit. Anyways- to end this long bit of rambling, you will see my work starting in January on the We Kit U Not blog :)
One more tidbit- I got some great photos at the Christmas Train- I'll definitely be making some layouts to share!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

December Addicted Scrappers Kit Creations

This month I worked with the Good Cheer kit from Addicted Scrappers and I couldn't have been happier! Plus there was a surprise of some yummy chocolate in my box... there's nothing more motivating than that LOL!
Ok so I got the photos taken and the projects done... and I simply adore the layouts I created with this kit!! I have them all hanging up on the refrigerator so I can admire them before they get put away in the scrapbook!
This layout was based on the pagemaps sketch contest for this month:
and this layout was created for this week's Sketches! {By Tamara} Blog:
This one was also based on a pagemaps sketch, I really like the foam Christmas trees as a border for the page and I was excited at how well the journaling spot "fit" on this page!And this little bag is my project of the month, get the instructions for it at the Addicted Scrapper's blog!

Sooooooooo..... .... there should be another project from this kit coming soon- when I get some scrappin time! Last night I had to veg out in front of the TV to watch some CSI, House, SVU, and Life! My DVR was gettin too full! And tonight we are taking Lucas to ride on the Christmas Train at Dry Gulch, Ok with my mother and father in law- it should be fun and there should be some GREAT holiday pics to scrap with more of my Good Cheer kit!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Baby Belly Pics

Soooo.... I'm late in getting my December Addicted Scrappers projects posted- still need pics of two things! I wanted to give you all something new to read here there so I am going to share more BELLY PICS from Carrie!! Her baby belly is now a thing of the past as we welcomed Aubrey into the world on December 1st! She weighed a whopping 5 lbs and 15 oz! Holding her reminded me of a sweet little baby Lucas- he was 5lb 9oz when he was born and even smaller after all his first two surgeries he had early on.

Anyways- here's the pics of Carrie's beautiful belly!

Sorry- no pics of the baby yet (I know it's hard to believe!) but you can bet they'll be coming soon! We are planning to take that pretty pink ribbon that was around Carrie's belly and tie it around the baby for some of the pics. I really can't wait and can't believe I didn't take any pics of katelynne posed when she was newborn! Oh well- maybe with the next baby right?! ;)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

This Week at Sketches! {by Tamara}

This week was Tamara's first ever 6x12 sketch, and in making it, it became the first page to go in my 6x12 album! I am scrappin away at these two year old pictures- they were SO GOOD but I still hadn't gotten them scrapped, I'm glad that's changing!

And by the way- this page was also made using the contents of my December Addicted Scrappers kit! I'll show you the rest of my creations with this kit tomorrow :)

Today I went on a big shopping trip, my mom and both kids in tow, I am tired to say the least! Lucas was doing everything he could to be as annoying as possible, I promise you would not have wanted to be with us at Wal-Mart tonight! I am excited though because I bought a mini pine tree at wal-mart and got some adorable pink mini decorations at Hobby Lobby- I cannot wait to decorate my own little pink tree! I'll share pics as soon as I'm done :) Right now I am off to gather the energy to decorate our BIG Christmas tree!