Tuesday, December 16, 2008

He's Makin' a List

Here's my layouts I wanted to share today- I made them using the November Life Preserver's club kit, this paper line is adorable! These are photos from Thanksgiving two years ago.
But- what I wanted to write about today has absolutely nothing to do with my layouts I wanted to share today :)
Today it seems like everything is hitting me- my family Christmas dinner that I am hosting at my house is five days away, Christmas is next week, and soon it's all going to be over! This time of year everyone is busy with many different things, everyone knows that, but today I've just been feeling a bit smothered by everything I haven't gotten done and the realization of the things I am NOT going to get done. I'm just a little bit OCD when it comes to keeping organized and keeping my house clean, so this really bothers me! I have grocery lists for my sunday dinner and all the things I am making for other family dinners, lists of presents I've bought, lists of presents TO buy, lists of things around the house I wanted to get done, lists of chores & errands that have been put on hold. Right now I'm thinking "I wish I was Santa, at least he only has to make ONE list!"
Right here, right now I am going to make one more list. This one is a stress free happy list- it's all the things I have accomplished this holiday season, there's no point in stressing over what needs to be done or isn't going to get done. So here goes!
1. Our Christmas tree is up and decorated, and we put up lights outside our house too!
2. I have bought all the supplies for the handmade gifts I am making
3. I have already planned and bought supplies for some pretty cool Christmas crafts for the daycare kids to make
4. I have planned what we are all going to wear on Christmas (it was quite a task finding the perfect Christmas dress for Katelynne's first Christmas!)
5. I have planned what I'll be cooking for my family this Sunday.
6. I scrapbooked some great photos from past Christmases and shared them here!
7. I've got everything ready to wrap presents
Here's to looking on the bright side!- I challenge you to do the same, if you're Christmas to do's are weighing you down just take a moment to be in the here and now and cherish your accomplishments and your family!


~Carla~ said...

Beautiful LOs! I love the pp you chose with the pics.... awesome memories! :)

Kris said...

Great LOs and I especially like how you got 4 photos on one page. Looks awesome and I agree that paper line is adorable. Congrats on all of those things that you accomplished!