Thursday, January 15, 2009

They're all sick

Ya know... having two kids has not ever really been a challenge for me, except when they're both really really sick! They both have bronchitis and for that matter- so do all of my daycare kids!! They all pretty much go to the same dr. and I think my entire daycare as been to see Dr. Han this week! Lucas has had fevers off and on to top it all off. Oh well, super moms like me don't need to sleep at night- didn't you know that?
In my absence a lot of things have happened- I've made new year's resolutions, gotten back on the weight loss/eat right bandwagon, started sewing a new quilt (and got a new sewing machine!) and on a more serious note my husband's grandma passed away. I have never felt like such a different person over such a small time before. I don't know when it happened but it has come to my attention that sometime over the last few years I have become the "shy girl" and I am determined to change that! I am definitely not the life of the party - I'm the one who planned the party and made (or attempted to make) every detail perfect, if ya know what I mean ;) Sooooo.... here's to getting out of the house more often and not being afraid to jump into a new situation or ask for help when I need it.
Ok Ok Ok I know you were probably not here to read all that- you wanted to know about my scrapbook pages! The above page was a miracle in the plain fact that I actually got decent photos of Lucas- it was made using the January Life Preserver's Kit. You'll be seeing this layout on the We Kit You Not blog this month too (YAY!).
The layout below was made using the January Addicted Scrappers kit! And yes, I am so obsessed with all the adorable girly paper that I dressed katelynne up in a valentine's outfit just to get a photo to match my paper. I'm a scrap dork, I'll admit it!
I've got more to share but I am officially WITHHOLDING those photos for another blog post, on another day, enjoy :)


Kris said...

Lovely pages, Krista! Wonderful color choices!

Susannah said...

she is so cute! I just bought that bo bunny paper too! great layouts, and I hope all those kiddos get better soon ;0)