Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Finally Made a DRESS!!!!

Soooooo... it totally cost more time/money to make this than a purchased dress (well I guess that depends on where you shop...) but it was SOOOOOOO worth it!!! This is one of those projects that I have just wanted to make foooorrrreeevverrr but never had the time/reason/know how to do it. I am so freakin proud of this dress, I just can't quit looking at it!! Megan was the birthday girl yesterday and since her parents are having separate parties and this was daddy's party I was pretty sure that him being a typical man he wouldn't care about dressing her up, so I took Meggy out to lunch (she requested McDonald's of course!) and then took her to my house to get her all dolled up. She was so excited and said that the dress looked like a princess dress! I told her that was perfect because she IS a princess ;)

I am so thankful for the website where I found the ebook to learn how to make this dress-! It's an AMAZING site with ebooks on all different topics. So many things there to learn... This dress is called the "tana tutu" if you try to look it up.

So here's the details of the dress, I can't wait to get started on Katelynne's party dress (only two weeks away!!!) I can't believe that soon I'll have to start referring to my children as "my 1 year old" and "my four year old"!

So everyone send me good shopping vibes... I'm off to Tulsa for the day to find some goodies! I'm sneaking off by myself so I can mill around in Michael's and Joann's without anyone who is not-so-crafty getting extremely bored (pretty much everyone I know that would want to go shopping with me lol).
I'll be back later with the menu plan for this week!


Sarah and the rest of the family said...

Hey, Krista, great job on the dress. Did you know there is an awesome fabris shop there in Indy? It is Lillie's Classic Quilts only a block north of Chasing Rainbows (same spot as ours, but on Myrtle.) A lot of people think it is just for quilters, but they have beautiful fabrics! (The tulle you still might need to find somewhere else, though.) Pretty dress!!

Katamommy said...

Cutest dress ever! You did a great job on it! Good luck finding what you need!

The Scrapbooking Factory said...

Hey Krista! Thats an adorable dress! Ive always wanted to make a dress for my that shes almost 8 shes just not that in to it anymore! I love the colors on this dress!!! Cant wait to see more.