Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Menu Plan Monday March 23

Last week was a success- we only went out to eat once! I'm a day late posting my menu this week, but so far I'm on schedule. I did ditch my plan for Sunday though and made mexican style grilled ribs with a honey lime glaze and homemade mexican rice- so I'll give the stuffed chicken another chance to make it onto our plates this week! You'll also be seeing a lot more veggie laden recipes and healthy stuff- I have been feeling just weighed down by some of the things I've been eating the last few weeks- so I am lightening up a little and definitely going to to try to stay out of the kid's lunches too lol! Here's my gameplan this week:

Breakfast burritos
Pancakes, oranges
Peanut Butter Toast, banana

for lunches visit the daycare blog!


leftover grilled ribs
mexican rice

Pizza Tuesday
good-for-you pizza with homemade crust

and chicken veggie topping

Emerald Stir Fry
brown rice

Crock Pot Thursday
easy italian crock pot turkey breast
sweet potatoes
green beans

HG's beach bum on a bun(made with turkey instead of Boca burger)
tossed salad

tex-mex cheese quesadillas with black bean and white corn salsa
mandarin oranges

pepper and cheese stuffed chicken

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