Friday, April 10, 2009

More Layouts

As you may have guessed- I've been super busy with Easter this week and neglected to post my menu this week... or well- to post anything LOL! If you've been reading my blog for awhile then you know that I am a perfectionist and I like to make everything decorative which means that the week before any hoilday I go nuts planning the perfect outfits, perfect crafts for the kids, perfect menu to cook and so on...

We've just gotten back from the BIG family Easter Egg hunt today, I took a few of the daycare kids with us and they all had a lot of fun- and got to run around and get worn out- which means I get a few free minutes to make sure ya'll have something to look at ;) Here's some more of my layouts I made at the Life Preserver's Spring Fling crop:

Rain Play
I made this layout for Sandra's challenge to scrapbook about something quirky, cool, and crazy! I thought of a few things I could scrap but my favorite would definitely be playing in the rain. SO many people consider a rainy day to be gloomy, boring, sad, or depressing but NOT me! I love the rain, especially when it is a warm spring or summer day, or a mild thunder storm in the afternoon. I find it soooo relaxing. Have you ever walked in the rain? You should try it, especially with your children. We teach our children how to react to the world around them and so I have definitely made it a priority to teach my children not to be afraid of thunder storms and to cherish a nice refreshing rainy day. Here's my page I made using the Feb. alternate life preserver's kit:

Everyday Magic
I made this page using a pagemaps sketch and I entered it in the guest designer contest at Backporch Memories. I also made it for the Mix and Match challenge at the LPS crop, I used some paper from my feb. alternate kit and some from my march featured kit on this page. I really love this page, especially the title "everyday magic". We were doing an everyday thing- but it was special because Lucas was going to be having surgery the next weekend, it was our last outing to just focus on our family and having fun together. Sure- it was an outpatient surgery but life can throw you curve balls at any time and this day was just about making an everyday memory together.

Life is Good
I made this layout for the early bird challenge at the LPS crop- which happened to be a sketch. I rarely EVER make layouts without a sketch so this was right up my alley ;) I absolutely adore this cherry paper!! And these photos.... well they are something else! I loved watching katelynne gently holding my little flower and how she just smiled right at the camera. It was a pretty day and it reminds me that life is good!

My Cherry on Top
Noticing a theme about cherries here? Well i think they are adorable on scrapbooking paper... and on clothes... This page was made for the bring on the bling challenge, and of course I used a pagemaps sketch ;) What really made me think of this title was not just her cute cherry outfit but how a cherry is really the way you "finish" an ice cream sundae, it's the special extra something that makes the sundae look yummy (even if you don't like cherries, your sundae just looks cuter and tastier with one sitting there!) And when I think about life after Katelynne was born I just feel like she was the "cherry on top", we already had a "yummy sundae" or in other words a happy healthy family, and she just made it even better! I have a hidden journaling tag explaining this behind the photo on this page.

this page is for the monthly sketch contest at LPS- using none other than a pagemaps sketch (see a trend here?). These were some of the first really good pics I got of Katelynne smiling! Between these few pages I made with this March featured kit I somehow used up FOUR pieces of this cherry paper, I still can't believe I used that much LOL! I am glad I asked for extra in my kit :)
I still have more to show you and I am still working on my first tutorial for my blog, and I'll be back this week with my menu plan- that is after I recover from Easter Sunday!


Katamommy said...

Awesome layouts, I love the cherries!

Kris said...

Adorable layouts!

jacque4u2c said...

WOW!!!! You give me such inspiration! I just love your layouts!