Friday, June 5, 2009

Diaper Cake Tutorial

It is long overdue- but here is my first tutorial!! It could use some tweaking, but I hope that it will help someone (anyone!) to create a wonderful gift and have fun doing it! Click the image above to view the PDF format of my tutorial, or read on below!

How to Make a Diaper Cake

Are you looking for the perfect gift to take to the next baby shower you attend? Want to give a new or soon to be mommy a unique gift that can also serve as a decoration in the baby's room? A diaper cake can be all of these things! It is easy to give a package of diapers as a gift, but if you know me- then you know that I believe in doing everything in a "decorative" way- and that includes gift giving. By spending a little bit of extra time you can create a beautiful and unique gift for nearly the same price as a generic store-bought one and I'll teach you how!

Supplies you will need:

1 package of size 1 or 2 diapers, I usually use size 2 so that the cake doesn't have to be taken apart too soon. You will want to buy a good brand of diapers that doesn't have designs on them so that when rolled up your diapers will look crisp and white.

rubber bands

cardboard cake round (either 8 or 9 inch, if you don't want to buy one then simply cut one from a cardboard box and paint it to match your cake)

1 large bottle of baby powder

glue dots

coordinating ribbon and paper shreds

cake topper (could be a stuffed animal, infant toy, onesie, large bow, flowers, card, etc., be creative!)

Now, let's get started!

Begin by rolling all of the diapers up and securing them with the rubber bands. To roll them start at the open end of the diaper with the pattern facing so that it will be inside the rolled up diaper, and roll towards the folded end of the diaper. I used Huggies organic diapers so there is a small pattern on mine, but I was able to turn the diapers so that it didn't show up too much!

Once you have all of the diapers rolled up, use a few glue dots to secure the bottle of baby powder to your cardboard round. Place one large rubber band around the bottle of baby powder and then begin place the rolled diapers all around it, I used two rounds of diapers for this tier of the cake.

Now you are ready to add the second tier to your cake, you’ll add it the same way you did the bottom tier and only using one round of diapers this time. The base of your cake is now ready for decorating!

Here is where you can really play! Experiment with flowers, ribbons, paper shreds, bows, and any of your other scrapbooking supplies. Look for unique embellishments that go along with the theme or colors of the baby shower. There are endless photos of diapers cakes on the internet so if you don’t know exactly what you want to do, look around for some ideas!

You will need to cover the rubber bands, I usually use a decorative ribbon or scrapbook paper. The theme of this diaper cake was OSU Cowboys so I used a black/white polka dot grosgrain ribbon:

I usually like to use either a curly ribbon bow, paper shreds, or flowers in between the layers of the cake. For this particular cake I shredded a piece of patterned scrapbook paper that had orange and black on it, then folded the paper shreds myself- it went quicker than I thought it would and gave a custom look for the cake! Add the shreds in between the tiers and at the top of the cake under your cake topper. If you wanted to be extra fancy, you could even add some under the cake too.

Almost done! Add a cake topper of your choice and you are ready to go! There are SO many choices here, you could use a stuffed animal, baby toy, rubber duck (they come in ALL different colors, even with outfits!), a large bow or flower, baby bottle or products. I used the travel size baby items on this cake because I knew the parents liked to travel and thought that these would come in handy!

I hope that this tutorial will inspire you to make a decorative move next time someone you know is expecting a new little bundle of joy! With only a little extra time and effort you can use your scrapbooking products and creativity to make a memorable and unique gift! Here’s the final finished OSU cake, I added a handmade card and used some thickers to put the baby’s initials on the top tier of the cake:

Remember to experiment with different materials when making your diaper cake, use more diapers, make more tiers, there are SO MANY ways and ideas of how to decorate them- have fun!!! Here’s two of my past cakes to spark your creativity:


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Great tutorial Krista!

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I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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your tutorial really came handy, thx a lot

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je viens de découvrir votre tuto de couche
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Jamie said...

I love the diaper cake you made.. it turned out so cute! I especially appreciate that you shared the tutorial. I hope it's okay, I have featured your cute diaper cake on my blog. You can see it here:

Thank you so much for sharing!

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