Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I've been playing with, dreaming about, etc!

When I look at any of the new Cosmo Cricket paper lines I have a fleeting thoughts of how I'd like to take a week off from work, hire a nanny, housecleaner, and chef; then go and lock myself into my craft room and be free of all responsiblities other than creating! There are so many projects swimming in my head just begging to be made, and yet there isn't ever enough time to indulge myself. You may have noticed I haven't posted as much in the last two weeks- you can chalk that one up to mojo rehabilitation and summer time activities! There's a lot of things I haven't shared with you yet though, so I'm here today to show you the product of the few hours I got to "pretend" I was locked away in my craft room with nothing to do but get elbow deep in some of the most inspiring and wonderful paper EVER!

Have you noticed how many kit clubs are featuring Cosmo Cricket paper this summer? It has been hard to find ONE that isn't. And that of course is a great thing! I seriously thought about how cute Katelynne's crib would look if it were decoupaged with some Girl Friday paper!

When I look at the Snorkel paper I want to plan a vacation- RIGHT NOW and take enough pictures that I could buy a wholesale amount of the paper and use it, yes- all of it! These layouts were made using products from my June Life Preserver's Kit, I anticipated it's arrival for several weeks!

When I saw the wonderful Early Bird paper in my Scrapbook Kit Club Kit this month I just knew it was what I had been waiting for- the paper that was absolutely perfect to scrap the photos of my daycare kids. All of the colors are happy and fun and mesh well with the outdoor photos I have taken throughout spring and summer.

Paper that is double sided and has tags and journal spots on both sides are very dangerous. I must buy two or three of them, always. If I don't I sill sit and flip the paper over and over and over and, yeah you get the idea! I am always afraid of using a piece only to find I have the perfect use for the OTHER SIDE later! I really loved making the border on this page though, and YES, I flipped my paper over, around, and back and forth several times :)

When I saw the piece of Early Bird paper with the polka dots and paired it with the yellow, it was a match made in heaven! I was at a crop while working on this page and I remember saying "I am DEFINITELY going to need some more of this paper!".

And now for my favorite of my recent projects- this one has been on my mind for quite awhile. The last straw that made me get up to my craft room and get this little box made was when I had to buy Katelynne a new pair of shoes. She wore her size 4 sandals for nearly two months and even had two pairs exactly alike- one dirty pair for the backyard and one clean for when we were going out. This box is to preserve her first pair of shoes, they were so cute I cannot let them go! I plan to make one of these little boxes for Lucas too!

I covered the inside of the box with pink fabric and tulle to make it feel extra special and fanci-fied!


Maggi said...

I love that shoe box!

Kris said...

Cute stuff Krista!

Rebekah Williams said...

I just LUV the many details in your beautiful projects. I'm with you on the Cosmo Cricket lovin'... I could get lost in that stuff.

Frances said...

WOW! You sure rocked the Cosmo Cricket! Great stuff. Than shoe box is adorable...very creative.

yyam said...

These are fabulous projects Krista! I love Cosmo Cricket!

Dee Dee said...

Love the shoe box. What a great idea, and the tulle is so sweet.

SnapWhiz said...

Your shoe box idea is awesome! I really like this alot!!