Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pages Without Borders

I've really begun to think outside the box when it comes to scrapbookig lately- the 12x12 box that is! Ever since I made my button rainbow page I have been thinking about how much I enjoyed piecing together a page and not caring if it even so much as resembled something square. Yes- these pages might be a tad bit difficult to get into a scrapbook album, but I love them enough I might just have to display them in my house for a long, long time anyway!

I used several different Cosmo Cricket lines to create this page- I just picked out any paper that had the right colors! One from lil'man, one from Girl Friday, and one from Snorkel! I used Bazzil Bling cardstock- fourth of july is all about the sparkles and bling ;) I had drew and cut all of the stars and flourishes, it was really fun!

Now- don't laugh.... really... I had the idea for this page in my head for quite awhile and I wanted to sketch it out before getting to work, but I just did NOT have time to sit down and do it, plus doing a sketch in color is so much more fun! So, being the queen of multi-tasking that I am- I sat down to play with the kids in the backyard and had a brilliant idea "I'll make my sketch while drawing on the sidewalk!". You should have seen my husbands face and heard his comment when he looked at my drawing and asked "why are there photo squares and a title on your picture?" LOL! He just rolled his eyes when I explained it was a scrapbook page sketch.... Oh well, I still think it's cool ;)

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Kraft Haven

Do you have your own crafting space? Is it a whole room or just a corner borrowed from you dining room, bedroom, or den? Perhaps it’s an attic room or a basement? Our love of scrapbooking definitely takes up a space not only in our lives, but also in our homes, so why not make it a beautiful and inspiring space? I invite you to join me now in my journey as I makeover my attic room turned craft room, and I challenge you to play along with me! Over the next several months you’ll get to watch me go through the many steps of making my room perfect, I’ll start from the bottom up (look at the photos below, it’s definitely in need of help!!!) and end with a room that reflects my personality and is ready for the creative juices to flow.

Before we can get into the fun part of renovating our scrap spaces and really get our hands dirty- we’ve got to make a plan. I don’t know about you, but I know that if I jump into this project without a plan or goals then it is never going to be what I wanted it to be and it’s going to take twice as long to finish!

There’s a few important things to think about here and set goals for:

1. Budget

This is all about goals, so I am going to plan my budget at a modest $1000. I will be working on my room over the course of several months so I feel like this is a reasonable amount. I will probably end up spending more than this but hey- that’s why it’s a goal not a deadline right?!

2. Decluttering

Step into any crafter’s space (not just scrapbookers!) and you’ll see all kinds of materials overflowing from shelves and drawers. I am no exception J I am going to set a goal to declutter and reduce my stash by at least ¼ within the first month of my makeover. I will sell the supplies to help fund my budget too!

3. Color scheme

There are so many resources on the internet for getting great ideas for your makeover. Many scrapbookers before us have renovated their rooms- we are not the first or the last!!! Do yourself a favor and search the internet and galleries such as 2peas for what others have done, find an inspiration room to help you map out ideas. I found a great room for my inspiration, it’s NOT a craft room but I love the colors and whimsy of the room, it will be a great starting place for me!

4. Furniture/Organization

The final stage of the room makeover will be to buy furniture and create the ultimate organization in my room. My plan is to look for used furniture first, even perhaps flea market finds that I can paint or alter to make my room more unique. I plan to work on this part throughout the entire room makeover; shopping and searching for the right pieces over a few months time!

There’s the plan, wanna see the canvas?! My room is a tad bit messy right now and I am sure you will form a love/hate relationship with the ugly errr I mean interesting sunflowers and vomit yellow that the previous owner of my home decorated with!

My room is unique in that it is a finished attic room, this means low ceilings and a relatively small room in itself. I don’t mind this though! I have a small house and I am just thankful to have a space of my own.

Here’s the kids play space in my room. Sometimes I have to go up there while they are awake and I love to share my love of art with them too. I have play dough, paint, markers, crayons, blocks, stamps and more stashed up here that are upstairs only toys so they are entertained (and somewhat messy!) while I am working. It is important to me that in my finished room they have a corner of their own.

My sewing space- I use sewing in my scrapbooking but I also make quilts, dresses, and other things. I’ll need to keep room for my “secondary hobby” in my room!

Clearly- I need a makeover don’t I? I am a clean freak and a perfectionist- I can’t stand my room looking this way any longer! I am going to do what it takes to turn this into my own Kraft Haven!

So, are you ready and inspired to make your crafting space spectacular? Are you with me?! I am going to walk you through all of the steps that I take to get to my dream room, and as you can see from above- I’m starting with an ugly room and a lot of mess! Don’t be afraid to make your goals and begin making your space functional and beautiful. I’ll be back in two weeks with the next step in our makeover!

Here’s your homework: Find an inspiration room and go through my list above, make your goals for these four areas! Let me know you are ready to take the next step by commenting on this post!