Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Dare to Dream Big

This week's challenge over at Scrappin' Out Loud! is to create a layout based on one of your current dreams or goals. I spent awhile thinking about this layout because this was one of MY challenges I thought up for the blog- so it had to be good right?!?! I feel like lately my thoughts have been focused on the future and what I can do now to reach those things that I am "dreaming" of. My aspirations have been in my mind constantly, it reminds me of a high schooler trying to decide which college to go to and what to major in- I have so many ideas and things I want to achieve. I have started keeping a journal to write down my thoughts and ideas and try to sort through them and keep clear goals.

I chose these photos for this layout because they were taken when I was pregnant with Katelynne, they symbolize one of the best times of my life- being pregnant. YES being pregnant is HARD and I have terrible morning (yeah right- ALL day) sickness for 2-3 months, but I love being pregnant and there is no other experience like it in the world. These photos remind me of how I felt and the great changes that occur when your family grows. I want to have a big family and also be successful in other things, I want to teach my children to share my love of cooking, reading, gardening, and crafting, along with their daddy's love of music and games. When I think about our future I can see a clear picture of where I want to go and for me this challenge was all about capturing that feeling and that hope for what is to come.

What are your dreams? Make a page about it and share it with us at the Scrappin' Out Loud! Blog, if you do you'll get your name entered in the draw for our monthly p-r-i-z-e :)


Maggi said...

What an amazing layout and I love your thought process behind it! I've been going through a "what do I want to be when I grow up?!" period myself lately. lol

Jessica said...

beautiful beautiful pg. Krista!

laterg8r said...

great LO - love that you chose a topic with deeper meaning for you :D

Dee Dee said...

Love the layout, and your pics go so perfectly with the title.

The Scrapbooking Factory said...

Hey Krista! Really cool layout! I love all the thought you put into this page!

Hope all is well!