Monday, August 24, 2009

Kraft Kuts Fun - Flowy's

I was so excited when I saw that the July Back Porch Memories solo kit had the new Kraft Kuts in it! The rich colors are different from what I normally work with and I loved the earth tones.

I have totally been on vacation from blogging this summer- thats the best way to put it LOL! So I am going to share my layouts from this kit one at a time over this week, it's time to give ya'll something to come to my blog for again ;)

This layout is one of my favorites- Flowy's, that's what katelynne calls our flowers. She is starting to outgrow it already and say it right but it was so cute when she would just walk up to a plant and say "Flowy's!". Whenever I pick off an old flower from a plant I'll give it to her to carry around the backyard and she gets SO excited! These photos are of her looking at the first flowers of spring- literally I HAD to be the first person on my block to have flowers on my front porch- they got snowed on a couple weeks later but I was the first HA!

Check back tomorrow for another Krafty layout ;)


Maggi said...

Very cute, love the colors you used!

laterg8r said...

love the date on the tag :D

Jessica said...

that is an adorable pg. Krista...she is the cutest!