Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Snack Time!

This was one of the first layouts I made when I got to play with my July Life Preserver's Club kit! I can't believe I haven't posted it here yet... SO I had a blonde moment when I was printing my photos and I accidentally printed THREE 8x10's of this photo! Yeah... way to conserve the paper and ink LOL! I was trying to decide what to do with the photos and one of my wonderful scrappin buddies (thank you Sonja!) suggested that I cut out Katelynne and pop her from the page- and I LOVE it!!!
The look on her face in this photo was just classic, it popped from the page without being cut out LOL!

I think snack bags are the best idea I have had in a long time! I accidentally bought a pack of 500 lunch bags at Sam's club when I thought I was getting paper towels... yeah thats the second blonde moment that I've admitted to in one post ;) Anyways, I started giving the kids their snacks in these bags and it is grrreat, especially for the little ones. They can take their bags outside and eat them and when they are done they just toss the bags in the trash and we're all cleaned up! Plus it's been nearly 4 months since I bought the pack of 500 and we haven't used them all up yet! When Katelynne sees a white bag now she starts yelling "I want cookies!"


laterg8r said...

love that lo - very cool idea to pop her out, no wasting that big pic mistake/creative opportunity!

love that she associates white bags with cookies LOL :D

Angela said...

I love your layout. Can you do a snippet on your blog next time on how you fold the ribbon and stick it in a non straight line. What adhesive do you use any tricks to it etc. I would appreciate it (and not to be bossy but it is my favorite part of the layout) as I often forget to check back on my comments.


Dee Dee said...

Very cute. Love the popped pic and the layered ribbon. :)

Jessica said...

bright colorful fun and absolutely fantastic!!