Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm awake and I'm alive

On Oct. 15th I got to go to the best. concert. ever. It was sooooo awesome! I have been a skillet fan for several years and have every CD from them, and I remember seeing them in concert years ago- before they were as popular as they are now! When I buy a Skillet CD I always know that there will not be a song on it that I have to "skip" because I don't like it, I like every song on every CD. They were amazing in concert- fire effects and all. It was also amazing to me that they had a celloist and a violinist on stage with them- head banging right along with everyone else! It was so cool to see them playing orchestra type instruments with a rock band- and of course the sound is incredible too!

So anyways... when I got home and was looking through my photos I KNEW I had to break out my Prima Rebellious paper! I mean I HAD to! I'm a mom and a scrapbooker and I act way too mature for my age, but I can still go and rock out at a concert and to me that is as "rebellious" as I get LOL!
Awake is the name of Skillet's newest CD, and in the song they sing "I'm awake and I'm alive, now I know what I believe in inside" and the song is all about living your life and being who you are, not following the crowd. The title also reminds me of how I felt when I got up to work in the morning after being up til 1am at the concert LOL!

And in other news... Today the Nov/Dec issue of Scrap N Art magazine debuted! For less than $1.75 an issue it is a great value and a great place to find inspiration, not to mention the GIVEAWAYS in every issue!


laterg8r said...

love your LO - great idea to use the rebellious line :D

Tammy said...

LOVE IT!!!!!
It's great to break out the REBELLIOUS side and then "scrap" it ;-) LOL. Looks like so much fun!!

Dee Dee said...

Great use of the papers. :)