Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our Newest Family Member... and some other interesting things!

Ok OK so this is a bit of old news here- from before Halloween in fact, and yes I have been slacking in my posts- but hey, I'm going to share now! This is OLLIE! He is the sweetest smartest most wonderful dog I have ever had the pleasure of meeting :) As you can tell I am already a proud parent hehe! He is a full bred Schnauzer and 3 years old, his owner couldn't keep him anymore and we had been looking for a dog that needed a home for a long time, he was the perfect match. We knew that we didn't want a puppy- puppy care and training is just not on my agenda after a day full of daycare work and two children of my own too! Ollie is not yappy like schnauzer are known to be, he barely ever barks, and he is a SNUGGLER! I told my husband he has been replaced because Ollie loves to cuddle with me while I watch tv and he keeps me warm too, so I clearly don't need my husband now ;) Here Ollie is sporting his own Halloween bandana I made him! It's SO cute! I loved dressing him up so much that I told my husband I need another dog now- a FEMALE so I can put pretty pink bows in her hair LOL!

Is it wierd that I am excited that I can scrap about our pets now? I have always been a little jealous of the people who make those super cute pages with their dogs on them, now I can too! Yippeeee! Here's a photo of Ollie posing with Danica, the kids love him and he loves them- he picks a different one to take a nap with each day during naptime! How sweet is that?!
Ok FINE! I will quit bragging about my Ollie and show you something crafty :) When Danica's mom saw my daughter's tutu she wanted one realllllly bad so of course I did the right thing, the thing that all wonderful crafty childcare providers should do- I made Danica one too!

And of course I had to make her model it before I could give it away! She liked trying it on but her mommy said that she didn't like it when she HAD to wear it on Halloween, silly girl!

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