Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pumpkin Princess- Braided Ribbon Technique

Ribbon has been used in many, many ways and I adore it :) My ribbon is supposed to reside in a large white basket under my scrap table. Supposed to. But it overflows! Everytime I see a new polka dot or texture or stripe that I don't have- well lets just say the pile that is overflowing from my basket gets bigger nearly everytime I step foot inside any store that sells ribbon!

When I was making this layout I simply could not decide which ribbon I liked better, so the decision was simple- I used all of them! I really liked the look of the braided ribbon, it has a lot of detail. Yes- it does add a lot of bulk to the page but it did still fit inside a page protector and that is what matters! This technique could easily be used with much smaller ribbon or even hemp, string, or embroidery thread to create a much less lumpy bumpy feel.

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laterg8r said...

fantastic technique, love the dimension :D