Monday, December 21, 2009

Finally, a rag quilt for my mom!

It's not that I didn't want to make my mother a quilt, I would have loved to have cranked one out for her a long time ago- it was just hard to find the time! When I heard her complaining at our last rummage sale that she still didn't have anything handmade from me I decided it was time to go fabric shopping and make the woman a quilt! Then I procrastinated- but I HAD to finish it, so I stayed up until 3 a.m. on saturday night so I could finish it before our family lunch and Christmas together! I really like how it turned out and I love the polka dots. It was amazing to see Lucas' reaction when he saw that the squares he had watched me cut the night before had been turned into a blanket while he was sleeping!

this is the first time I have done two colors on the backing of a rag quilt, I really like how it looks!

Isn't it so pretty? Now to try to finish the super-long list of other things I wanted to make before Christmas...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

MME Blog Challenge #6

I needed a little motivation to jump start my creativity this week- and I found it on the My Mind's Eye blog- their challenge: to make handmade paper flowers! This is always fun because there are SO many ways to create handmade flowers, the possibilities and details are endless! I had a few new techniques I had been wanting to try- so I did!
I went a little old school and dug out my Kiss and Tell papers from MME and I knew what I wanted to do- make a "fancy" page with one of my wedding photos. I have made a whole album with our wedding photos but it was my first scrapbook ever! So I wanted to make something with my current style.
I also got out all of my Shimmerz and used them to add lots of shine and bling to my flowers, there is just something relaxing about getting out a paintbrush and painting with the shiniest sparkliest paints you can buy! (well at least for me anyway haha!)
I used some shimmerz blingz and painted it on a stamp to add some detail around the edges of my cardstock base for this layout- believe it or not this is the first time I have used shimmerz on my stamps and I LOVED the result! Then after I finished making my flowers (details on that below!) I got my paintbrush back out and added details on the edges of all the flowers, the blingz and shimmerz really added a lot of depth to the color just by painting it on the edges of the paper.

So, wanna know how to create flowers like these? here's a short mini-tutorial if you will :)
For the fluffy pom-pom style flowers cut a strip of paper from a 12x12 piece of paper, cardstock or patterned paper doesn't matter! Adjust the width of the strip to your needs, the wider it is the bigger you finished flower will be. I used 2 and 3 inch strips for mine.
Next, fold the strip in half and cut fringe. Using your fingers bend and tossle the fringe so that your flower will have a nice fluffy look!
Add a little adhesive near the edge of the fold and roll it up! After it is rolled up fluff the fringe again and you are all done!

Next is the rosette flowers, these are really easy and quick! Start with a circle, freehand cut is fine, and like the other flower- the bigger the circle the bigger your flower will be. Cut a freehand spiral and then roll the paper starting from the outside. Add a dot of glue at the end and you are done!
Add ink and shimmerz, paint, or stickles the edges of the rosettes for extra dimension and detail!
I also made paper spirals to sneak in between a few of the flowers, just wrap a thin strip of paper around a pencil to make your own.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

November Life Preserver's Kit Creations

The colors in this wonderful paper from the Fancy Pants Rough and Tough collection REALLY inspired me this month and I feel like everything I created was really fun and different from my norm! I really liked using all the buttons and rub-ons- seriously- I do not use rub ons that often and I think I used almost the entire pack this time!
I thought about trying to do a girl page with this paper that is typically BOY themed, but decided to give my little guy some extra room in the spotlight! I just had too many photos that went SO well with this kit!
This is my favorite page from this kit because of the arrows! Ya know- for some reason I had led myself to believe that if I wanted an arrow it needed to be die cut with my Silhouette or from a chipboard shape, but really now- does it? NO! I hand drew this arrow and cut it myself, I love the look and I was able to 1. save paper and 2. make it the exact size and shape I needed for my page!
And here's a couple cards I made to round out my kit creations! We have to pregnant family members right now- one expecting a boy and one a girl- so I am thinking the Oh Boy! card would be perfect for the mama of the baby boy when he arrives... and the other would make a good birthday card for someone else!
Can you believe that with all these projects I STILL have more of my kit left? I have enough for at least two more pages... I would much rather use it up and than file the kit away in my drawer and forget about it! I think I need to play a little game of "kill the kit" and try to use it up later this week! Don't forget to check out Life Preserver's Scrapbook Club- the sneak peaks for the February kit will be available soon, and you know they will be yummy!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Caution: Toxic Smile

I was looking through photos today and honestly could NOT believe I hadn't shared this layout with you on my blog. I mean really, I had this layout displayed in my kitchen for like two months I liked it so much and I didn't put it here? When I was making this layout I could not decide on a title. I want something different and just as funky as the Rebelious paper from Prima is! I looked through the paper at the names of all of them and finally got an idea! I think this is my favorite title of all titles! And it's true, isn't a child's smile simply toxic?

These are photos I have scrapped before but in a Halloween sort of way, so I really wanted to take them and put it in a different light, I do this a lot with my very favorite photos. If a photo is worth a thousand words then I say it can also be worth a thousand (ok maybe not a thousand but at least multiple) layouts!

And what happens when I get into a creative mood and I am busy playing with kiddos and can't create anything? well usually I draw a super-artistic scene on the sidewalk and cause the kids to get mad when I won't share MY chalk, but then sometimes I just grab a few little girls and open up the Toddler Time Daycare Beauty Salon LOL! They all loved getting their hair french braided, I had to share the photo:

Six things...

Back Porch Memories kit club always has some fun and interesting challenges- and yet I nearly never find the time to complete them LOL! This month I DID! The challenge was to create a layout using ONLY six different types of things. My six things are:
1. chipboard
2. cardstock
3. patterned paper
4. ribbon
5. brads
6. thickers

and of course my inspiration came from one of Becky Fleck's December pagemaps, I would be lost without them!

I am so totally proud of myself for using my Quickutz Silhouette to cut the large bracket, yeah it's been awhile since I have cut anything other than pendants for my banners with it!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Aubrey!

Happy Birthday Aubrey!!! Has it really been a year already?! She's walking, already? YEP! Can you believe that just over a year ago I was busy taking belly pics of Carrie's cute baby bump? Here's our little Aubrey Bear posing in her party dress I made her, it fit perfectly which is more than I can say for some dresses I have made LOL!

I had to dig this photo out just to reminisce. I love looking at prego-bellies they are so cute and you know a little miracle is inside!

Here is Katelynne enjoying a cupcake at "Aubbie's" party as she says it ;) I can't wait to scrap that one!

And my other creation for Aubrey's birthday, a banner of course!! I loved the colors we ended up using to make it, so girly and sweet!

I kept the name banner separate from the Happy Birthday part so that she can hang it in Aubrey's room for keeps!

We used cardboard between the scalloped pendants and the straight edged ones for more dimension.

My favorite pendant on the whole garland- I used cinnamon stickles on the one and then I added MORE loose brown glitter on top, such a stunning and sparkly effect, I LUV it!
This pendant weighed more than all the other ones put together LOL! But it's cute, so who cares?! And no, this didn't even put the tiniest dent into my button collection, nope not even a scratch on the top ;)

I used some prima flowers on the h pendant and cut them in half to make butterflies, add some hemp tied to look like a body and you've got a super cute, quick, easy, and cheap embellishment!
Aubrey got a total of 10 baby dolls for her birthday HA! I purposely picked out something different because I just KNEW that would happen! And- after all- a princess needs a princess plate, cup, cup, bowl, and silverware to eat with!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Karen Foster Cowgirl Wedding

Quick, name one of the biggest downsides to getting married young?! Well I have one that I betchya didn't think of! None of your friends are getting married anytime soon! I got married when I was 15 (two months away from 16) and NO I didn't grow up in the depression era ;) Yes 15. For a long time I wouldn't admit it to anyone because I was still technically too young to be married! Today I am 23, still married, and I don't care anymore LOL! It was always difficult for me not having any other close friends that were married or in a serious relationship, so you can only imagine how elated I was when one of my BEST friends got married!

Ashley had some beautiful photos taken at her wedding but she doesn't scrapbook, so when I recieved the Cowgirl paper line from Karen Foster I KNEW what I wante to do with it! I think the results are quite nice if I do say so myself :)

This page is technically not quite done- I am going to let Ashley add journaling herself in the upper right corner, but for now it is white space.

I typically don't use a lot of premade title stickers but I really like how this one looks and it enabled me to add a lot of dimension and detail to my page very quickly and easily.

I absolutely love this page, the detail on the patterned paper makes it almost look like real leather! Plus it's pink and brown, not too many color combos can beat that ;)