Monday, December 14, 2009

Caution: Toxic Smile

I was looking through photos today and honestly could NOT believe I hadn't shared this layout with you on my blog. I mean really, I had this layout displayed in my kitchen for like two months I liked it so much and I didn't put it here? When I was making this layout I could not decide on a title. I want something different and just as funky as the Rebelious paper from Prima is! I looked through the paper at the names of all of them and finally got an idea! I think this is my favorite title of all titles! And it's true, isn't a child's smile simply toxic?

These are photos I have scrapped before but in a Halloween sort of way, so I really wanted to take them and put it in a different light, I do this a lot with my very favorite photos. If a photo is worth a thousand words then I say it can also be worth a thousand (ok maybe not a thousand but at least multiple) layouts!

And what happens when I get into a creative mood and I am busy playing with kiddos and can't create anything? well usually I draw a super-artistic scene on the sidewalk and cause the kids to get mad when I won't share MY chalk, but then sometimes I just grab a few little girls and open up the Toddler Time Daycare Beauty Salon LOL! They all loved getting their hair french braided, I had to share the photo:


laterg8r said...

love that LO - gorgeous flower cluster :D

my daughter has that little black dress too :D

Dee Dee said...

Love those braids and the chubby thighs in the layout! :)