Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Aubrey!

Happy Birthday Aubrey!!! Has it really been a year already?! She's walking, already? YEP! Can you believe that just over a year ago I was busy taking belly pics of Carrie's cute baby bump? Here's our little Aubrey Bear posing in her party dress I made her, it fit perfectly which is more than I can say for some dresses I have made LOL!

I had to dig this photo out just to reminisce. I love looking at prego-bellies they are so cute and you know a little miracle is inside!

Here is Katelynne enjoying a cupcake at "Aubbie's" party as she says it ;) I can't wait to scrap that one!

And my other creation for Aubrey's birthday, a banner of course!! I loved the colors we ended up using to make it, so girly and sweet!

I kept the name banner separate from the Happy Birthday part so that she can hang it in Aubrey's room for keeps!

We used cardboard between the scalloped pendants and the straight edged ones for more dimension.

My favorite pendant on the whole garland- I used cinnamon stickles on the one and then I added MORE loose brown glitter on top, such a stunning and sparkly effect, I LUV it!
This pendant weighed more than all the other ones put together LOL! But it's cute, so who cares?! And no, this didn't even put the tiniest dent into my button collection, nope not even a scratch on the top ;)

I used some prima flowers on the h pendant and cut them in half to make butterflies, add some hemp tied to look like a body and you've got a super cute, quick, easy, and cheap embellishment!
Aubrey got a total of 10 baby dolls for her birthday HA! I purposely picked out something different because I just KNEW that would happen! And- after all- a princess needs a princess plate, cup, cup, bowl, and silverware to eat with!


Jessica said...

love that banner! awesome pics!

laterg8r said...

happy birthday to her! love her little dress and the awesome banner :D