Saturday, June 26, 2010

Love, Mom - a mini album memoir to my children

For the Bella projects I created for CHA in January it was requested that we stick with the main theme of the line when creating our projects- and this was challenging for me when it came to the Estate Sale line. I have a fairly good amount of family- that is true, but my family generally does not spend time together, most of us harbor a grudge against one family member or another for various reasons, and it’s really sad for me that things have to be that way. When I sat and thought about “Estate Sale” I thought of the great grandparents I never really knew, about my living grandma in Ohio I have seen only a handful of times, and about my other grandma that is like a second mother to me. I don’t have any photos of any of these people, I know my grandma that I am close to has lots of old photos, but yet again the “I never got to know these people” factor was in the back of my mind. So I decided to take a different angle.

The Bella Blvd. estate sale line is about long-term relationships, both family and friends, that are important to us and who will forever be remembered with love and good times. I decided to make this album about my OWN family and relate my past to my present and how I want to be better than the family I grew up with (or actually grew up WITHOUT).

This album has the most heartfelt journaling of any other I have done and brings out some feelings that I have never felt were easy to discuss with anyone, but they are things that need to be said to my children, and that’s what scrapbooking is all about for me- relating my feelings and thoughts to my family and recording them so that they know exactly how much I love them and have tangible memories of my life and our memories together. So- enough chit chat already! Here’s the album!

It's one of my faves- paper bag book.

Had to include a pic of myself of course ;)

I picked a different word for each set of pages that represented one of the most important feelings I wanted to talk about and convey to my children. The first one is faith. There is a journaling tag in the right side page.

One of my favorite photos and pages, it needed a close up :)
Left side page has a magnetic closure and is a tri-fold page, photo below shows the inside of the page:
This inside portion is about how my family DOES love eachother, but we never say it. I am determined to break that cycle with my own children and let my feelings be seen, heard, and felt no matter what!

Dream- this page is about thinking big, believing in yourself, and always believing that you can do ANYTHING if you put you mind to it and work hard enough. I don't want my children to ever feel like anything is holding them back.

health- this page is about my hope that the kiddos will learn some healthy eating habits from me and like their veggies LOL! Ok, it's more about my hope that they will be better than me in the health dept.- be active, play sports, excercise. It may sound a little out of place compared to the other hard topics, but obesity is a real issue in my family and even my husband and I battle our weight and eating habits. My hope for my children is that they will see the lifestyle changes we work so hard to make everyday and that they will come automatically for them, that in their adult lives they will not have to worry about their weight, that exercise will simply be a part of their everyday schedule.

Monday, June 21, 2010

More Bella

This color combo is one that I have never worked with before- navy blue with hot pink and brown, a touch of lime green. I like it! It is different! I was honestly surprised that I had an outfit of Katelynne's that matched the paper too! This layout uses the Estate Sale line from Bella Blvd. and was another one of my creations for CHA in January.

Some more Man of the House for ya'll here. I was proud of myself for using my silhouette and cutting out an odd border to use on this page. I like the effect and had really been feeling like I needed to use my Silhouette more. This photo was taken on our sixth anniversary last year and although the date we went on totally sucked (thank you mr. negative attitude!) I like the photo... lol! We went to a casino for the first time and my husband hated it, he was a real party pooper if I do say so myself. Oh well, at least I got a nice scrapbook page out of the deal right? Now if our anniversary this year isn't more enjoyable I may have to think of a more cruel and unusual punishment for him other than using his face on a scrapbook page!

I just finished reading the Harper Connelly mysteries by Charlaine Harris today. I have already preordered the next book in the series from Amazon, can't wait! Perhaps I will try to write my first book review and post it here? Maybe no one will want to read it other than myself, but hey it's my blog right? :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bella Blvd. Man of the House

I was ecstatic when I got asked to make a few things for the Bella Blvd. CHA release back in January, and I really liked the new products I got to work with. I was in my downhill creative slump at the time so I procrastinated until the day before my projects were due and had to ship them express mail to Bella.... yeah that was stupid!!! Anywho- here's a couple of my projects. This first layout is about lucas' SEVENTH trip tot he ER. My hubby freaked out when he saw the big gash on Lucas' forehead after he hit it on the side of the bathtub, but super-mom me used a bandaid to hold everything together 'til the ER doc could use some good 'ol Dermabond on him and fix it all up! Of course, Lucas cried more when the doctor touched him than when he actually hit his head. I think I'd cry too if I had the sort of memories concerning hospitals that he has.

This is my other layout and it's the first one I created with my goodies. After all- the line IS called Man of the House, so I had to make a page about the man of my house. He hates all the photos of himself but I told him he'd have to just get over it because I was putting his picture on THIS layout and he'd just have to cry more if he didn't like it! My inspiration for this page was the way it makes me feel when he gets home from work everyday. I work from home so I'm here all the time, and on those days when he has to work late I can just feel the need to talk to him and sit with him while the kids play. Sometimes he comes home grumpy, or comes home and finds me grumpy, but talking to him makes me remember who I am and why I do what I do. Now if we're BOTH grumpy at the same time when he gets home from work... thats not as much fun, but I omitted that scenario from this particular scrapbook page HA!