Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bella Blvd. Man of the House

I was ecstatic when I got asked to make a few things for the Bella Blvd. CHA release back in January, and I really liked the new products I got to work with. I was in my downhill creative slump at the time so I procrastinated until the day before my projects were due and had to ship them express mail to Bella.... yeah that was stupid!!! Anywho- here's a couple of my projects. This first layout is about lucas' SEVENTH trip tot he ER. My hubby freaked out when he saw the big gash on Lucas' forehead after he hit it on the side of the bathtub, but super-mom me used a bandaid to hold everything together 'til the ER doc could use some good 'ol Dermabond on him and fix it all up! Of course, Lucas cried more when the doctor touched him than when he actually hit his head. I think I'd cry too if I had the sort of memories concerning hospitals that he has.

This is my other layout and it's the first one I created with my goodies. After all- the line IS called Man of the House, so I had to make a page about the man of my house. He hates all the photos of himself but I told him he'd have to just get over it because I was putting his picture on THIS layout and he'd just have to cry more if he didn't like it! My inspiration for this page was the way it makes me feel when he gets home from work everyday. I work from home so I'm here all the time, and on those days when he has to work late I can just feel the need to talk to him and sit with him while the kids play. Sometimes he comes home grumpy, or comes home and finds me grumpy, but talking to him makes me remember who I am and why I do what I do. Now if we're BOTH grumpy at the same time when he gets home from work... thats not as much fun, but I omitted that scenario from this particular scrapbook page HA!

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