Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blog Resuscitation

Hmmm... it's been a little dead around here lately hasn't it? I mean, gee the blog owner hasn't posted anything NEW for 6 1/2 months. She's also neglected her daycare blog and facebook page. It's almost as if she has disappeared off of the blogger universe!!

I think about blogging at least once every few days, and then I never do anything with that thought, it simply slips to the back of my mind, filed away for another day. I have always enjoyed reading blogs and posting my own thoughts and projects here. I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist and I truly believe that for a very long time I was trying to do things that simply were not me or what I truly wanted to be. I'm not happy go-lucky, my life isn't perfect and I'm not ever going to try to make myself feel like it is through always optimistic scrapbook pages, albums, and yes- blog posts. I've come to realize that my life does NOT revolve around scrapbooking, YES I have other interests! From the moment I picked up Twilight and started reading it was like an affiar with a former lover and it is full of all the heat and passion our relationship once had years ago. I haven't been sitting idle while I wasn't creating or blogging about those creations. I have read 45 books in the last 6 months and I'm still going! I've even started writing a little something of my own...

I guess that what I'm here trying to say today is that I had to step away from art for awhile, from scrapbooking for the recognition rather than the love of the art itself. I have barely been able to pick up a piece of scrapbook paper or glance into my craft room without being disgusted with myself for the huge accumulation of supplies I have allowed myself to frivolously purchase. Yes- I am definitely not the only scraphoarder (remember you heard that term HERE first! LOL) out there, and I won't be the last, but I am going to stop it- I have stopped. I destashed my room of everything I could part with and sold every bit of it in a garage sale. I haven't purchased any craft supplies in months unless it was for my children. Scrapbooking became a like a dragon that had made its cave inside my craft room and it was hoarding every new line of supplies, every bookmark on my computer, every bit of internet surfing time, every last minute of free time I could funnel away from my family! It took me this long to realize why I couldn't create anymore, it wasn't that I was bored or needed a break, it was that I was totally disgusted with my behavior. I couldn't create because I had to slay that dragon hiding in my craft room, it wasn't big enough in there for the both of us!

So... if you're still reading and don't think I'm crazy yet- you may wonder what I am doing now? I'm still not in the mood to create, and we are in the process of trying to sell our house so some of my stuff is packed away, and I'm ok with that. I see other people's creations and they inspire me and ignite a tiny spark that makes me want to get to work at a new project, but it's not quite enough to convince me to go up those stairs to my sweet little attic room and get my hands dirty. I've been thinking about making Katelynne a new dress... or maybe one of those cute and trendy aprons, maybe sometime soon I'll do that. For now, I have decided that I want to keep sharing here on my blog, maybe not always my scrapbooking, but I want to write and talk about my garden, cooking and weight loss, reading especially- I need someone to discuss these books with after I'm done reading them! I have some projects I have never shared here before too, perhaps talking about them will help me fuel my creative side?!

Either way, I am back and I'm going to keep posting, I hope you will continue to follow my blog and enjoy reading about my experiences and my creations. Maybe you are a scraphoarder too! :)

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