Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow 'n Rainbows

Ahhh... a nice snow day stuck in the house. Okay actually it's not all that nice because we still have to roll out of bed (after a fifteen minute pep talk to myself LOL) every morning in a cold house and trudge out into the snow to take Lucas to school in the morning. Seriously- snow was Soooo-ooo-ooo much more fun when I was kid because I didn't have to clean up the snow all over the floor, acknowledge the whiny complaints of freezing fingers and toes after playing out in the snow, and decline approximately 1,000 requests to go play in the snow some more!

I definitely did have a smile on my face in the morning when the kids woke up and I knew that they had not looked out the windows yet and that I possessed the sweet pleasure of telling them "Guess what?! It snowed last night while you were sleeping!" I could have sworn there were a lot more than two children in this house the minute they began the chorus of "SNOW! snow, snow snow! IT'S SNOW!"
One of the most romantic memories I have of all the things my husband and I have ever done together- revolves around snow and a midnight walk around the neighborhood. It was one of those nights when the snowflakes were so big that they looked like white feathers floating to the ground. I was pregnant with our first child at the time, so it was no big deal to get out in the freezing weather and the middle of the night for a "walk around the block".
If you have never been for a walk in the middle of a snowy night, stash away the idea for a future time because it is a unique experience of complete silence and you will actually witness the beauty of nature colliding with humanity to create a scene that can only be absorbed and enjoyed when most of your neighborhood is at home- in bed.

So, enough about snow! I am sure that by now you must be wondering why on earth I have photos of a rainbow tutu here while I am reminiscing about snowflakes!
I had an order come in this week for a rainbow tutu for a special little girl's birthday outfit. I couldn't have picked a better project for today. The bright colors that perfectly fade from one to the next- with a fluffy white layer underneath representing the "clouds" around the rainbow simply remind me of spring and warm sunny days spent taking care of my flower beds. This tutu is the perfect project for a snowy day inside, I can't wait to get started :)

Click on any one of these photos to view this tutu in my Etsy shop!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Somebody call 911...

We need an ambulance- my blog has lost its pulse!

I'm not really sure what to say after not posting for so long. I think about my blog, I look at it, I look at who's been reading my blog... and then say "eh... it's been too long since my last post- why bother now?"

The larger truth is- I think sometimes it is hard for me to find my voice. I feel like all too often crafters and bloggers in general are simply selling out their interests and their words to whatever companies or people are offering F-R-E-E stuff or design opportunities, but at the end of the day WHO are they creating for? A manufacturer or their own inner artist? Not to say that free stuff and popularity isn't a great motivator for creativity! :)

I want to tell my own story, in my own words, without selling out to anyone. I want to scrapbook my family's memories for my family to enjoy, to inspire other paper crafters, and to indulge my desire to create pretty things.

2010 brought a lot of changes to my family, and I have not scrapbooked a single one of them. NOPE, nothing! I think stepping back from the rat race of trying to purchase every new tool, flower, or paper line has helped me to see with a new point of view, to realize that I am wasting the things I have been given to create with and taking my own creativity for granted. At the same time I have discovered a new love of reading and writing, and become confident enough to say that YES I enjoy playing video games and sometimes I am nothing more than a big computer geek who actually watches Starcraft II game replays while organizing my ribbon collection (quite the combo there eh?).

There is nothing I could say to sum up everything I wish I had written here and didn't, so I'm just going to start now- with a fresh perspective and ideas that I want to translate into creations. There are books I have read that I want to discuss, games that I want to play, how-to's that I want to share, and a brand new office in our new house (yep I told ya there were a lot of things I haven't written about didn't I?!) that is full of an unbelievable amount of craft supplies that I was in denial about until I had to lug it all down the stairs of our old house and up the stairs of the new house. Nothing like a sore body and endless boxes of craft stuff to put away to give you a slap in the face and make you realize that you have a l-o-t of crap! It's pretty crap- delightful papers, flowers, fabrics, ribbon and more, but it is a LOT. I have some serious work to do to pay for my shopping sins!

So for now, I'm not going to try to play catch-up or explain or beg for forgiveness. I just hope that those of you have always enjoyed reading my blog and seeing my creations might find something here that inspires you in some way.