Sunday, January 9, 2011

Somebody call 911...

We need an ambulance- my blog has lost its pulse!

I'm not really sure what to say after not posting for so long. I think about my blog, I look at it, I look at who's been reading my blog... and then say "eh... it's been too long since my last post- why bother now?"

The larger truth is- I think sometimes it is hard for me to find my voice. I feel like all too often crafters and bloggers in general are simply selling out their interests and their words to whatever companies or people are offering F-R-E-E stuff or design opportunities, but at the end of the day WHO are they creating for? A manufacturer or their own inner artist? Not to say that free stuff and popularity isn't a great motivator for creativity! :)

I want to tell my own story, in my own words, without selling out to anyone. I want to scrapbook my family's memories for my family to enjoy, to inspire other paper crafters, and to indulge my desire to create pretty things.

2010 brought a lot of changes to my family, and I have not scrapbooked a single one of them. NOPE, nothing! I think stepping back from the rat race of trying to purchase every new tool, flower, or paper line has helped me to see with a new point of view, to realize that I am wasting the things I have been given to create with and taking my own creativity for granted. At the same time I have discovered a new love of reading and writing, and become confident enough to say that YES I enjoy playing video games and sometimes I am nothing more than a big computer geek who actually watches Starcraft II game replays while organizing my ribbon collection (quite the combo there eh?).

There is nothing I could say to sum up everything I wish I had written here and didn't, so I'm just going to start now- with a fresh perspective and ideas that I want to translate into creations. There are books I have read that I want to discuss, games that I want to play, how-to's that I want to share, and a brand new office in our new house (yep I told ya there were a lot of things I haven't written about didn't I?!) that is full of an unbelievable amount of craft supplies that I was in denial about until I had to lug it all down the stairs of our old house and up the stairs of the new house. Nothing like a sore body and endless boxes of craft stuff to put away to give you a slap in the face and make you realize that you have a l-o-t of crap! It's pretty crap- delightful papers, flowers, fabrics, ribbon and more, but it is a LOT. I have some serious work to do to pay for my shopping sins!

So for now, I'm not going to try to play catch-up or explain or beg for forgiveness. I just hope that those of you have always enjoyed reading my blog and seeing my creations might find something here that inspires you in some way.

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