Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spiffy Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies

There's a good reason why I named my blog "Decorative Memories"- pretty much everything I make, I want to make it fancy or extra-special in some way. This desire spills over into my baking as you can see :)

If it were a perfect world.... I would make fancy cookies for every holiday, but alas- 'tis an imperfect world and not everyone gets to have beautiful cookies!
I need to mention that the last time I attempted to make "spiffy" sugar cookies (with my bestest friend Carrie of course!) we had to make our husbands eat the evidence- it was that bad! This time around I told Carrie, "It's just hearts how hard could it be to make them look cute?!", To which she told me "don't speak too soon". I suppose she's right, the snowflake cookies we attempted to decorate last year looked pretty bad!

Why did I make butterfly shaped cookies for Valentine's Day? Because this my kitchen. And I can. Or maybe because butterflies and hearts make my little fantasy world of awesome cookies a little bit happier?!

This poor butterfly broke her wing and was therefore deemed to be a defective cookie. I was forced to eat her in order to put her out of her misery- forced I tell you! It was the right thing to do!

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