Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eye Candy

I have a new camera... and lots of new photos to share! :) This is my first summer at home with the kids and being completely FREE, no daycare business and no work other than the things I sell online. I won't lie- it's been wonderful! It took me awhile to adjust to being at home and I am really amazed at how busy we have been- how does any mom have time to work a full time job and be a mom and wife at the same time?!

This zebra shirt is made using a bandanna- and it was surprisingly fast and easy to make! Every little girl should have one...

I am working on a new project and will be revealing it soon, I must say it feels good- and its going to LOOK good too :) It will have lots of attitude and sparkle, but for now here is a bit of eye candy from the past few months!

Little miss patriotic... although she is quite bratty. I have to work extremely hard to get her to pose for photos for me, the process often involves bribery and if she doesn't fall for that then I resort to threats. When the threats don't work... I tickle her and try to get her to tell me the colors of whatever object I can wave above my head and then I snap photos that look like the one above! This entire process usually occurs in my front yard. I live on a busy street. I think the neighbors might think I am a little crazy :)

Uh huh. Theres some of that attitude I was just telling you about...